IDEA Conversations 14 - Ersan Ener & Mustafa Hasdogan

Fourteenth meeting of ETMK IDEA conversations was realized under the moderatorship of Mustafa Hasdoğan with the participation of industrial designer Ersan Ener. Ersan Ener, founder partner of Kurgu Mobilya as first graduate persons from Middle East Technical University Industrial Products Design department mentioned the positive effects of the solidarity sample established between themselves with colleagues graduated in the same year in that period. In the conversation he listed pluses and sides open for the development of the production focused furniture industry expanded to all four sides of the country, the industrialist shared with data the sector information at the intersection of geographic conditions and user habits.

Mustafa Hasdoğan: More than 35 years passed following your graduation, if you are able to turn back, what would you do different?

Ersan Ener: First 6 months, 1 year I would want to work in an establishment that does business in this sector so that I learn the subjects withing the sector. Gaining an experience that will prevent the mistake to be made could ensure productivity. While doing business together with the customers in a face-to-face contact until year 2001 in interior design, later we started to receive the works from construction companies. The servicing method of our company evolved in this period from product-based working to project management. When construction companies came for cooperation, there is a project undertaken by them. Whoever do it, it is important to reach to same result. Instead of creating our own market by conducting communication over our own product family by extending our product line, each time we decided on to focus on the project. This case prevented us to include the unique experiences we obtained in different project throughout about 15 years in following project. As a branch or dealer, proceeding on product sale could be more effective, for this reason, since we find more productive to turn this direction in recent years, we advance by enriching our product family. My suggestion to every entrepreneur person, they must enter into the sector with their authentic products.

Mustafa Hasdoğan: When a newly graduate can start to take step about the subject he/she wants to establish initiative? When he/she encounter dominance feeling?

Ersan Ener: We must start with on what he/she dominates. If we are talking about production, it is very open ended. By buying a small three-dimension printer, by making your designs you can present product whatever your sector is. Road that is targeted by you is important. To be able to advance by saying I don’t make compromise on my occupation and dreams, to be able to exhibit those known as right is a situation related to the channel and volume the person entered in. You entered into a big establishment, you are working as designer, a company official more experienced than you didn’t approve, and you said whether I do by being stubborn or I leave, you are paid off. Therefore, it is very important to take where and how action.

Mustafa Hasdoğan: Is there a foreseen economic life expected on the products designed by you, in the shelf solutions you mentioned, specific to furniture sector? Is sense of product for life is valid?

Ersan Ener: It is a good question. I once asked to the Calligaris company authorities, they said; “we can say 5 years for solid products, for those that are not solid 3 years”. When you look to the product production policy of IKEA, reinstalling of the product after they are installed few times require skill. Density of the material used bring the products makes the products unusable within few years. On the contrary, the dispute is that, cheap product must be renewed within few years, expensive product must be used always. For white goods, they came to a state of expected to be replaced within a few years. For our product, this is valid, it is focused on one problem. We suggest a fruitful stowing in the placement of files storing of which is compulsory in the small offices without enlarging office, instead of bigger investment, it is important to reach to a solution by a small furniture change. When we pay attention to the technological developments, we can estimate that storage in the digital environment will take place of the files. I say in this context. Also in furniture, big investments should not be required as is in the technological products.

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