IDEA Conversations 1 - Defne Koz & Sertaç Ersayın

First of the ETMK IDEA conversations were realized under the moderatorship of Defne Koz, Koz Susani Design Studio founding partner and Sertaç Ersayın, head office chairman of the board. Defne Koz, who said "I didn’t see the design only as an object. The design must be considered together with its space", considers the fact that all areas of profession from fashion to architecture fuel from each other, feels that the joint production and togetherness of the parties that are not easy to be come together in this new are era necessary.

Sertaç Ersayın: We know that the design area became highly disciplined. A wide range of sectors is present as well in the portfolio of Defne Koz. From which methodologies do you get use of within these differences?

Defne Koz: I start by observing people. I colour my life by analysing how they grip their cup, how they sit, all objects of human surrounding them, their behaviour and even their aura. This is a part of my life, I continue my life in this way, even I am not deliberate. When I design a product, I start out by thinking its usage more than itself. When I design an armchair, I think I is more proper to design the usage scenario of the armchair, or to design of the light when I design a lighting.

Sertaç Ersayın: Social life itself also proceeds by changing, it is foreseen that it will change more. What does designer need in this period?

Defne Koz: It is important for the designer to comprehend their occupation. Along with those required to be absolutely considered, I give precedence that they follow many subjects relating to creativity and embrace them. In my opinion, building up a mentality about many issues, perceiving the values that are a part of life simplify the job of a designer.

The relationship we established with product is important and this started to gain more importance with the pandemic. The product continues to live within the place where it stays; from a door handle to a tea cup, each product is within a living sphere together with its surroundings. We, knowing this, beyond finding a way out as designer, are interested in developing different perspectives. We are not heroes with superpowers, our task is to see the matter in a different way. Advancing both by observing and foreseeing the behaviours aimed at usage and to be aimed usage is a method that will convey us to the new.

Sertaç Ersayın: What has been your focus in this period? We are gaining new habits. Where can the designers be positioned in these new attitudes?

Defne Koz: As a designer in this period in which hunger is experienced amidst plenty, what bothers me the most is unprofitableness. It is a problem for me that doctors of the biggest hospital of US cannot access the operating theatre and this is managed inefficiently. What contribution can the designer make to productivity, this is what I think of the most. We can proceed jointly with the technology producing companies. Designers can develop solutions together with municipalities and policymakers. As designers, we need an industry that believes in the designer and that will walk side by side the designer. We should not walk alone.

It is a reality that inequalities increase in different geographies. It would be very good if we are involved in this as the designers. The designer will not be able to convince alone, but it is possible by joining together. As human beings, we are able to create better things. We have the ability, but we don’t have power, it is important to be united.

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