IDEA Conversations 13 - Adlihan Tartan & Dr. Emre Gunal & Gamze Parcal

Thirteenth meetings of the ETMK IDEA conversation ETMK Student representative Gamze Parçal conveyed the questions received from her students under the moderatorship of Dr. Emre Günal was realized with industrial designer Adlıhan Tartan.

Whole conversation in which the designer who labours in the areas of product design, marketing and operation within the structure of Tartan Design that is his own furniture and accessories brand along with giving industrial design service, by saying “It is not easy to give design service in Turkey. The designer, today has a more sense and the importance of working together with designer is perceived better by the servicing persons according to last 20 years” conveyed her experiences can be watched on ETMK YouTube channel.

Emre Günal: You have established your own design company while have been having part in a design team for long years in a corporate company by leaving the company. What do you think about specialization of the designer?

Adlıhan Tartan: Sure he/she must be specialized. Industry is in a form of extended very different areas and if you even produce idea to all of them you cannot give design service. Automotive designer can design household furniture, for exact apposite the designer is required to labour more and the designer may have difficulty. The economy and industry in Turkey do not allow you to be active only in a single area. I worked in electric devices, white goods areas for long years, this caused me to stay involuntarily in a limited space. The number of brands is clear, there is an ever-growing designer mass. It causes the reduction of area. This causes you to widen the sectors you give service. We don’t work in European country. Many colleagues of me work in different sectors. That is one of the reasons. I exclude furniture and decoration. In global extent the designer must enter into settlement, in the requirements of our country you may feel compressed when he/she is in a certain area.

Emre Günal: Industry 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0… That much revolutions are too much for me. Receiving information was extraordinary difficult for us. As of yet receiving information is easy. I see that newcomers are lucky; but working with new equipment started to take the place of nonsatisfaction, slackness coming from easiness of receiving information. Can we say from this that it is required to describe the design again?

Adlıhan Tartan: Each era has its own conditions. In the old days when a designer was asked as what was your source of inspiration, they said nature. Nowadays they gain inspiration from applications such as pinterest. Of course, it is important to gain inspiration from what other do, research what are in the area. Why automobile designs in 1950’s are different than today? Also, designers of that are were gaining inspiration from each other. Step taken by a designer effect also another one. It is a developing process. What I want to mean is not copying, forming a philosophy. I don’t say today every thing is less valuable or everything can be reached easily, maybe I feel the lack of something in the subject of creativity and deviationism. There is no old romanticism anymore. We don’t know if we should say romanticism of the industrial society or information technologies. Regardless the area you give service everybody can say themselves designer as declaration. When we design a product, it passed over our hands like a sculptor, carpenter and we were labouring for making it physically real. Today many designers think that they make design without touching their hand any material by being written on three-dimensional printer without touching its genuine.

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