IDEA Conversations 12 - Dr. Orhan Irmak & Prof. Dr. Sebnem Timur Ogut & Melike Balkaya

Industrial Designers Professional Organisation (ETMK) by creating an opportunity from COVID19 pandemic limitations actualized on-line conversation serial in line with the prospective member students. The sector to which names whom students want to learn in detail their career voyages, IDEA conversations proceeded under the moderatorship of the sector doyens flourished with the contributions of the student representatives.

At twelfth of the conversations, industrial designer Orhan Irmak answered the questions coming from the students among the audience of ETMK Student representative Melike Balkaya under the moderatorship of Prof. Dr. Şebnem Timur Öğüt. Orhan Irmak who said “Competition on the market brings the requirement needed for the design brings with it”, designer founder partner of Design commented in the presentation made by him the effects of the design as team to the actualized products. You can reach to whole of the speak from ETMK YouTube channel.

Şebnem Timur Öğüt: How is your role in the production process of the packaging? How is the effect of production process and producer to the product?

Orhan Irmak: Expectations of the companies from us are changeable. Design process and production process are different steps. Some companies have their registered supplier. Many international companies make this. In these cases, a need of product, unit cost of which was talked, production place of which is clear, may come. If new things are required to be tested with the pressure of the product, if a creation of difference in the production is expected, or if the industrial design side is a dense work, our contribution is being denser. After finish the design process with brand team, although a lesser extent, there is time we spend similar process with producer. We solve many criterions such as colour, transparency, metallic texture of the material together with producer. In cases the trademark owner does not have information related to the technical subject as much as producer, we are required to transmit to the producer and request from the producer. Sometime the producer directs us. The advantages to be provided are listed. Until the product is put on the shelf, we are responsible for the completion of the serial production and we give support throughout this process. Our print preparation team sometime give approval personally to the production at the production site.

Şebnem Timur Öğüt: There are packages we see the product, and some we can’t see the content, there are cases in which our seeing does not create positive affect. On the brands advertisement of which available, there are products their package will have a reason of purchasing during its entrance in Turkish market. Maybe these seasonings are available one by one in our houses, but in the decision of purchasing a seasoning mix package is an efficient interface.

Orhan Irmak: Especially on the unique products, firstly came on the market, the duration of ensuring them make a first purchase decision is 3-5 seconds. Individuals are required to be convinced when they first come face to face without waiting to remember from brand or advertising. It is important to be able to say I try this and benefit from it. All messages must be given together within a short time.

Şebnem Timur Öğüt: Do returnable packages come back?

Orhan Irmak: I remember from my childhood. There are many returnable products. Today they go out with a fast acceleration. Global brands, work with producers who produce refillable packages. There are companies abroad only focused to this. Frozen state of many products, such as toothpaste, laundry detergent, by ensuring their hygiene standards, reach to you. As a country, we are rather far behind in the subject of recycling, in the refilling subject, America, North Europe are more interested. Refilling automats are subject matter. In America, you can buy dried nuts, peanut butter by bringing your cup. An are is coming in which the service of this is also sold.

Melike Balkaya: Nowadays maintainability, a world without plastic or waste management concepts remains in the forefront, to what degree the package sector pay attention to this situation?

Orhan Irmak: Among the maintainability, package and cyclical economy trends. It is a consumption culture. Packages have a very critical place. Also in the textile, employing child workers in the production, textile paint or production phases are studiously researched. Sensibilities of the individual increase. Also packaging is a part of this. Circular economy approach and package are one within other. Package was perceived as responsible alone for the production of the plastic. Also the competences of many persons and establishments working in this sector are rather high. Some supermarket chain in Europe advance by establishing rules indicating that they will make preference to their suppliers toward recyclable packages. When public, retailer chain, multinational companies be the leading of the decision makers, whereas, at the point of producing solutions, turn of the package designers come latest. For making the labour of the designer valuable, the producer side must be ready. In this matter, not solitary but acting altogether can produce an effect.

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