IDEA Conversations 11 - Ece Yalim & Canan E. Unlu & Erva Nurcin Senay

Eleventh meeting of ETMK IDEA conversations took place with the Ece Yalım, founder of Artful Design Studio, under the moderatorship of Dr. Canan E. Ünlü. Whereas the questions of the students were directed by Erva Nurçin Şenay, ETMK Student representative. Yalım, who started to her career in Newyork by working in the area of interior architecture while she continues her interior architecture bachelor’s degree within the structure of Pratt Institute of Technology with Fulbright grant, in this conversation emphasises her experience after university years in the interior architecture, contributions of being in abroad. Ece Yalım, who considers discovering of the designer his/her features that made himself/herself unique as significant during their education life by increasing their academic and social information and skills, also mentions the importance of being team; “if you are a good team, if the producer or brand also a part of the team, if there is a good work sharing between the members of this team, you put stronger signature to big works”.

Canan Ünlü: You always mention that we are a team, how long this team is present, what is your role? We want to hear your point of view to the design as a team and your action?

Ece Yalım: If you are a good team and make a good jobshare you succeed more big works. Without experience too much sentimental descents and ascents opinions turn as a team and you reach to solution. I like team game. I give of my best when I perform something

A book I read drew my attention, even it was a book written for someone from different disciplines, it is an editing that can be adapted to us. It asks questions as how it is possible both to do a good job and be ethic under the changing market conditions. While seeking an answer for it, we may look to the value we put to ourself. Three main topics are indicated within that much variations; mission, standards and identity. What makes this work genuine is the intersection of these three.

When we are seeking the answer of the question of why we make one more when something is wanted from us in these design processes, before each project we plunge into a quest of value. Even the time, technology or material continuously change, what is common is human, place and product and necessity occur from this intersection. We advance by trying to understand the user, I monitor behavioural changes. I do this by observing my students for 14 years when I come together with them.

Canan Ünlü: It is sayable that you have a design language…

Ece Yalım: We have a habit of going out of accustomed material, smelling out of the new coming from interior architecture. You can also see Middle East Technical University, Bauhaus and DeStijl. We are not addict of this style, our preference is to display a simple vertical and horizontal expression. It is in no case the same with the previous one. We prefer fair and minimum. use of the material. We ensure that the system can remain standing. Let it be no more that we have to. We want that the interior architecture who will organize the place include his/her colour, text preferences.

Canan Ünlü: I see that you render service to the complimentary sectors. Is it a sample of specialization? Is it required?

Ece Yalım: We can say become skilled in a one subject. When you encounter a problem when you do much exercise in a subject you solve problem with a more fast or mental agility intelligence approach. We don’t like specialization much. When you do business that repeat very much in a place, you may be forced to set yourself zero. We try to re-describe in every product design like a child. It has good sides but also has bad sides. For sure I’ll be pleased if product design comes from more different sectors, but if you give your years to a specific area in a specific sector of course that sector comes with more work requests. I know that I have that power inside me. In the glass design process, I can assure domination within a very short time period after study the production processes, plus new means a new point of view specific to that sector. Beyond what is the sector, your point of view to the product design is important. Whereas for us it means the understand the real necessity.

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