IDEA Conversations 10 - Murat Hondu & Füsun Curaoğlu & Nisan Kuzuluk

Tenth of the ETMK IDEA conversations realized with Murat Hondu, Vestel White Goods Industrial Design Administrator, under the moderatorship of Dr. Füsun Curaoğlu. Murat Hondu who expressed as “Coexistence of design and innovation make the releasing of the product easier and ensure solution directly focused on the necessity of the user”, share in this conversation his 20 years of sector experience with audience. You can reach to whole of the conversation in which audience also mentioned their contributions and ETMK Student representative Nisan Kuzuluk conducted the questions she received from her students from ETMK YouTube channel.

Füsun Curaoğlu: I see that a team is present behind every award and success. The more the team is good the more the works are strong. In Turkey, the number of enterprises that containing design team be at peace with industrial design and crowded are very few. My institution is one of them. Here I foresee at the background of the innovator and futurist products research and user experience study. The satisfaction rate in the white goods sector is rather high, saying the new requires pushing the limits. What is the contribution of user experience to design and your nutrition source in the design processes?

Murat Hondu: We design product for different cultures and locations. The products in Russian market and İtalian market have differences, we have to design the product that will meet the life habits of the users. We receive feedbacks from foreign trade and product management units, along with this information we have our own research methods. Such as fair participations, market researches, inspection of the products of rivals. It is not easy to separate with mere design, it is required to advance by taking into account the innovative matters and new wishes of the user. Including the pandemic period, we try to foresee the changes in the behaviours of user by meeting with my team friends. I am worried, I like very much the white goods sector, I am the first industrial designer included in the company. Design culture was about to be formed newly. Importance is attached to the industrial designer in my company. I am observing the chronical change of the sector and the affect of the technological development to this change. Also the definition of our role, as a designer, changes. Another needs will take the place of the areas we are used to design, such as interface or application. Whereas we, designers, will meet both the needs of the user and develop different design solutions.

Füsun Curaoğlu: I mention to my student during graduation periods, “We devised for years by identifying you an innocent user. The name of this user in another discipline is consumer, name from another perspective is customer”. This identified user sometime has a single-minded sometime easily give up the use of its product. Also, it is important for designer to try to correct the point of views both in consumer, user and customer identities the industrial designer when he/she make design. Loosing objective dimension of industrial design by the affect of the technological transformation and try of the product to re-establish itself in another sense are the subjects that direct us to work very hard both in education area and in sectoral meaning.

Murat Hondu: There are the subject that we must pay attention. Some abbreviations will occur related to our area.

Nisan Kuzuluk: While we are receiving education, our teachers give us brief for the projects. How descriptions in which necessities are included come to you? Does it from marketing department? When the user analyses his/her needs? Here is another question, do the descriptions bring innovation or free-lance creates this opportunity?

Murat Hondu: Works come to us from a few channels. There is product management section that ensure the sale and perform the export. By directly conveying the requests of customers to the research-development department we are able to receive the requirement. Likewise, also marketing can give it. We receive needs by coming together with different departments. I will also add this in the description subject, from time to time as designer we direct the description. Cooperation in which we form by talking the described product about the subject of coming product request can happen.

In respect of innovation, of course studies in which we formed the innovation with description happened. For us what I said second is more valid. I think the opinions emerged when we make brainstorm by coming together with different persons are denser. When we integrate these outputs with the product design it is possible to be different. All innovative approaches are not derived from us, but we provide contribution by being included. Interdisciplinary study and communication are the ones that are most importance. Apprising and staying on communication ensure emergence of a successful product.

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