IDEA Conversations 9 - Ela Cindoruk & Nazan Pak & Sezgin Akan

In the ninth meeting of ETMK IDEA conversations, ECHQ founders Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak came together under the moderatorship of Sezgin Akan. Both designers lay emphasis on their domination on the way of thinking and basic design principles they obtained with industrial design education at their start contemporary jewel design journey. You can reach to the studies actualized throughout nearly 30 years of convoy of Nazan Pak who added by saying “Pushing the limits of material is a challenge for me” and Ela Cindoruk who said “Up until now I had a persistent lifetime to find out the potential of material and in which I advanced without losing my curiosity” from ETMK YouTube channel. We share with you a short section from the conversation.

Sezgin Akan: Story of initiation both of you is special, one of them that affected me is your persistency in this area. How continuousness of your cooperation and continuity in this area was possible?

Ela Cindoruk: Curiosity.

Nazan Pak: Persistence

Ela Cindoruk: Because it is the work we perform best and entertainingly, willingly. Curiosity of material comes both of us from industry design education. If we had a general jewelry design training, we would look more conservatively. We continue with the curiosity of new material search finding by means of our occupation. By means of our education we received, we are in a struggle for making the potential of the material valuable by searching quite different materials. Consequently, the curiosity of searching and finding that material and finding out something new are the thing that motivate me. We rendered service in different sectors. What taught us the way of thinking is our occupation and by dominating basic design principles and when the curiosity and persistence are added it continues.

Sezgin Akan: What do you say about meeting the turnovers with end user, economical continuity of your work?

Nazan Pak: Those who want to do as we do it, those who want to proceed by opening workplace, to proceed by making exhibit are required to have financial comfort. It is not easy.

Ela Cindoruk: It is very difficult throughout the world. Even the best designers, those exhibit the works at the museums cannot earn money by doing this business alone. Everyone has additional work, lecture, do extra job. It is not easy to live on this work. Our families supported us; therefore, we were lucky, despite this we had difficulty.

Nazan Pak: It is not possible to get rid off when mess with. It was required to go to another direction by turning into mass production, we didn’t want it. We didn’t prefer it to go to a direction we don’t approve.

Sezgin Akan: We, as designer, want to see jewel as a means of expression about life not as a status object, whereas the users don’t want to move away from this status sense. Also big brands focus on this context, maybe a yield of globalization.. What do you say about this matter?

Nazan Pak: I laid aside the globalization, I will continue to perform in a best way. It is a labour of love, there are those who appreciate this. I don’t want to do otherwise. It is not for me.

Ela Cindoruk: What is called as globalization ignores the local, hand workmanship. Touching. I don’t know what to do. Today at this point, since the travel is not that much easy, does it change the trade? We will also see this.

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