IDEA Conversations 5 - Sedat Öztürk & Murat Arıkut

Fifth guest of the IDEA conversations that make visible of the sectoral diversities of the ETMK members and enable the generalization of the information in the academic and professional area became Sedat Öztürk. Öztürk who said: “acknowledging different institutions ensures cultural diversity. Learning working principles, details enrich individual”, shared his national and international work experience and career voyage extending to years with audiences under the moderatorship of Murat Arıkut. You can reach to the record of whole conversation from ETMK YouTube channel.

Murat Arıkut: I foresee that also the different technical information in the projects directed to the culture of each company priorities of which are variable in the project to be worked reached to you. What do you say about the authority and responsibility given to t he designer, are there cases that not want your opinion but only your skill in this sector?

Sedat Öztürk: After 2005, development process with more innovator and digital devices started. The designer started to take role in all process. Designers who design different parts in the same working area, digital or clay modellers, engineers work together. That means, each detail, each problem also the problem of the designer. If there is a looking part it is the work of the designer. Each car starts as a design project. It is also needed for the development of the car. With digitalization authority area of the designer increased. Not only the sketch, photoshop-rendering, you have to know digital model, this being obligatory case change according to the requirements of the company. As designers, we have to know permillage tolerances of the material, which part how close to which part, understand its location. This what I say are interesting, extraordinary subjects, these are the parts for which we designers decide. Entertaining side. What I say must not frighten young friends, however, importance should be given to the details and not be reluctant to take responsibility. It is required to follow up other sectors, sectoral information; white goods, plane brands, to know the family trees of the product. The designer is not only the drawer, he/she is the heart of the project. I can especially say that for the story of the last 20 years.

Murat Arıkut: There are various roles in the automotive sector indicated by you in the product development process, what do you say for the number of the team members that take these roles, variations of expertise?

Sedat Öztürk: It is a big organization, a process foreseeing the collaboration of about 50-60 persons. There are different roles that can be regarded as design director, design executive, interior design manager. Projects expand periods such as 15, 18, 21 months, designer works from the first sketch to the detail to be given to the production. For example, design process of a vehicle can continue throughout 21 months, subsequently engineering studies and later approximately 4,5 years until the production. Working as a team in this sector is important. Even if our designs do not come to life, your contribution as designer in the development process of the products is big.

Murat Arıkut: There are students among the audience who want to tend this area and they want to hear your suggestions…

Sedat Öztürk: They are required to start researching the products in the sector. It is important to look and see; not only to the automobile; to yachts, airplanes, ships, products, digital devices… To take a step for being interested. To continue by wondering. Later sketches…As a designer it is required to be able to draw the ideas in advance of time by transferring them to tool. For this, while continuing in your projects or university, it is required to draw for an opinion survey continuously, whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional. When you reached to hundreds from first sketch you see they much developed. In our work, needle will be threaded hundreds of thousands of times. My recommendation is to accept this and continue savourily. To want to do. This is our occupation; we are not artist.

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