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ETMK organizes exhibitions in order to introduce the industrial design profession to Turkish industry and to encourage the widespread use of design, and awards to increase the quality of the designed products.

Sector News

IDEA Conversations - 15

At the fifteenth meeting of the IDEA conversations arranged as a serial by Industrial Designers Professional Organization (ETMK), the speaker was Özlem Tuna with his experience nearing 20 years.


IDEA Conversations - 14

Fourteenth meeting of ETMK IDEA conversations was realized under the moderatorship of Mustafa Hasdoğan with the participation of industrial designer Ersan Ener.


IDEA Conversations - 13

Thirteenth meetings of the ETMK IDEA conversation ETMK Student representative Gamze Parçal conveyed the questions received from her students under the moderatorship of Dr. Emre Günal was realized with industrial designer Adlıhan Tartan.


IDEA Conversations - 12

Industrial Designers Professional Organisation (ETMK) by creating an opportunity from COVID19 pandemic limitations actualized on-line conversation serial in line with the prospective member students.


IDEA Conversations - 11

Eleventh meeting of ETMK IDEA conversations took place with the Ece Yalım, founder of Artful Design Studio, under the moderatorship of Dr. Canan E. Ünlü.


IDEA Conversations - 10

Tenth of the ETMK IDEA conversations realized with Murat Hondu, Vestel White Goods Industrial Design Administrator, under the moderatorship of Dr. Füsun Curaoğlu.


IDEA Conversations - 9

In the ninth meeting of ETMK IDEA conversations, ECHQ founders Ela Cindoruk and Nazan Pak came together under the moderatorship of Sezgin Akan.


IDEA Conversations - 8

Eighth of the ETMK IDEA conversations realized with Sultan Kaygın Sel, industrial designer who turned her direction to the user experience area, under the moderatorship of Dr. Can Özcan.


IDEA Conversations - 6

6th of the ETMK IDEA conversations was realized under the moderatorship of Prof. Dr. Tevfik Balcıoğlu with Gamze Güven, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects Chamber of Architects Industrial Designers Commission member and industrial designer.


IDEA Conversations - 5

Fifth guest of the IDEA conversations that make visible of the sectoral diversities of the ETMK members and enable the generalization of the information in the academic and professional area became Sedat Öztürk.


IDEA Conversations - 4

Forth of the IDEA talks was realized under the moderatorship of Prof. Dr. Özlem Er with the participation of Ümit Altun, founder of the Designum Design Studio.


IDEA Conversations - 3

Third of the IDEA conversations was realized with Kunter Şekercioğlu, Keystone Design director under the moderatorship of Dr. Engin Kapkın. Şekercioğlu who said; “When we are setting our targets, we can take the advantage of inquiry ability we gained during education...


IDEA Conversations - 2

In the second of the IDEA conversations, Prof. Dr. Gülay Hasdoğan undertook the moderatorship of the meeting in which Associate Doctor Mehmet Asatekin, one of the founders of the Middle East Technical University Department of Industry Products Design, was the guest.


IDEA Conversations - 1

First of the ETMK IDEA conversations were realized under the moderatorship of Defne Koz, Koz Susani Design Studio founding partner and Sertaç Ersayın, head office chairman of the board.


Branding with Product

> To make export,
> Improving product quality,
> Increasing the usefulness of the product,
> Making the product cheap,
> Ürüne estetik bir form kazandırmak,
> To give the product an aesthetic form,
> Creating a product range,
> The product must be ergonomic,

An expert is an industrial designer that a company aiming at at least one of this goals should definitely add to its team or get consultancy from outside.

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