IDEA Conversations 6 - Gamze Güven & Tevfik Balcıoğlu

6th of the ETMK IDEA conversations was realized under the moderatorship of Prof. Dr. Tevfik Balcıoğlu with Gamze Güven, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects Chamber of Architects Industrial Designers Commission member and industrial designer. Balcıoğlu prepared a series of questions by studying the interviews given by the designers from the end of nineties until today. You can reach from ETMK YouTube account to all questions and answers that provide an opportunity to our witness to experience of designer more than 30 years.

Gamze Güven who said “I can say that vocationally being aware of the diversity, after performing the different production methods and material exploration the designer must intensify on a certain area”, today concentrates on package designing area in the studies within the structure of the Designbase of which she is the founder.

Tevfik Balcıoğlu: While you were explaining the works performed in recent years you expressed that you specialized in the packaging design area. Do you say that your main area as a team is this?

Gamze Güven: Yes, 80 percent of our works are in the packaging area. I am happy when I am designing fast consumer goods sector, because taking data from the marketing is more possible. Marketing strategy is clear and when you took the briefing, I met a more professional sector. The products designed by us come together with consumer in the focus groups. Feeling certain that they will be successful, they reach with quantitative and qualitative researches and consumer observations. It was good for us that it is not an insignificant sector.

Tevfik Balcıoğlu: You have sad “the only problem of recycling is that it is not economical”

Gamze Güven: This is a sentence said by the suppliers. Since I have been working in packaging sector and especially with plastic material, I have a guilty conscience. Everything go down the pan, they are wasted, get mixed with sea or air. Also, it is not possible to put glass on paper instead of them. We suggest bio dissoluble material to suppliers, but it is difficult to change the habits of the cost or purchasing departments, producers or suppliers. In recent years, I try an interesting another way, we express the method they can make more profit; I insist so as to they prefer re-filling or 100% recycled material. I get together with engineers, producers and make great effort. We have struggle such as how much turning this into a service design can be possible, can a filling possibility having automation be created, but we are at the bottom of the ladder yet.

Tevfik Balcıoğlu: The designer has his/her own genuine identity, also the company has. At one point these two identities battle with each other…

Gamze Güven: They don’t battle with each other, but many brands come together with designer for opening a new road, horizon and waiting for creating difference to their rivals. There is no case for letting the designer to adapt himself/herself to the standard identity of the brand or on the contrary. We must accommodate ourself to those targeted by them as marketing strategy. If they request a radical change, we must take a step depending on the brief. They are able to say: “our face became worn out and we want to get younger”. As a designer, acting by saying “this is my line” doesn’t sit comfortably with me. Instead adapting this suits me; business manner and rendering service studiously. Following up the process, using the time well, standing behind the product and following up it until the production, proposing innovative solutions bring along long-term cooperation.

Tevfik Balcıoğlu: What do you say about the enlargement of the design and design concept? How is your connections with the areas such as user experience that are popular in the recent years?

Gamze Güven: For 8-10 years I contemplate this subject, when I find a chance, I bait my customers. It is not my speciality, I can’t do it single-handedly, but I question myself intellectually if we can do it as a different service design, system design. I am not a food engineer, but I offered to my customer different tastes or experiences. Ar-ge teams or food engineers are able to work. In recent years I consider being included it in the education under the titles such as service, experience or system design. As a team, we especially attach importance to experience design. Each design made by us has an experience it presents when it is consumed.

The most critical subject observed by me in the education is the lack of information relating to the production. Realizability of those imagined by them are also important. Young designers are required individually experience this by entering into the production area if needed. They make modelling very good, but we must not bypass rationality such as technical detail, montage we learnt in the subject of production drawings.

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