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You should be an ETMK member if…

  1. … you are interested in user-centered problems of the world, and believe that they can be solved by Industrial Design,
  2. … you think that professional rights in Industrial Design sector are not as they ought to be, and industrial designers deserve more,
  3. … you think that Industrial Design is not recognized as much as it should be, and the economy does not get the most of it,
  4. … you think that professional standards in Industrial Design are not completely defined, and it needs an articulated description,
  5. … you think that Industrial Design does not have the prestige it deserves,
  6. … you think that Industrial Design education has to be improved in many aspects,
  7. … you want to improve your scientific studies with the virtues of collective work,
  8. … you think that consumer consciousness is first to raise industrial design where it should be, and this cannot be achieved by individual efforts,
  9. … you want to participate Design Turkey Awards, which encourage companies to produce well-designed products,
  10. … you know that you will have your voice in Turkish design politics since you, as a member of ETMK, will be a part of Turkish Design Advisory Council,
  11. … you know that ETMK, as a member of ICSID, has its voice in world design politics,
  12. … you know you will have access to career and promotion opportunities as a member of ETMK that is in constant collaboration with institutions such as Turkish Exporters Assembly, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of National Education, Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD).
  13. … you know you will be privileged in exhibitions and publications of ETMK,
  14. … you know that school is not enough to be a designer, and vocational training is crucial, and ETMK supplies the proper means for it,
  15. … you acknowledge the professional development opportunity in being together with distinguished ETMK member designers in various activities.


Membership Terms and Conditions

To become permanent member of ETMK, you should…

  1. document that you have either bachelors, or masters, or PhD degree from an industrial design department.
  2. in case article (a) cannot be fulfilled, present a portfolio of product designs, a reference list with works and dates, and a list of courses taken on design to the ETMK board, and join the interview in the next thirty days.
  3. have the legal capacity and conditions the legislations set.
  4. undertake the annual membership fee (120.-TL)
  5. undertake the membership entrance fee (100.-TL)
  6. confirm that you pay the annual fee regularly, and in case you do not pay it ETMK might ask the debt legal means, which may include official warnings, lawyer expenses, etc.
  7. apply with two passport photographs, a copy of your identity card, your CV, and application form (delivery by hand, by regular mail, or by e-mail), and become a member with ETMK’s board decision.

Foreigners are asked to present their residential permit.

The board claims the right to refuse applications. The applicant will be informed about the decision by a legal document or e-mail.

Annual membership fee is valid from January 1st to December 31st. New members are expected to pay complete fee in case they become member in the middle of the year.


Bank Account Number:

Türkiye Garanti Bankası

Ümitköy Şubesi (Branch)


TR49 0006 2000 4830 0006 2880 68


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