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Design Workshop for the Physically and Mentally Disabled, in collaboration with Çankaya Municipality

A design workshop with collaboration of Çankaya Municipality of Ankara and Industrial Designers’ Society of Turkey, and executed by Gazi University was held on May 9th, 2015. The workshop focused on wooden products which can be produced by the mentally and physically disabled.

Six design students from Atılım University, five from TOBB University, three from METU and one from Gazi University attended the workshop. the research assistants Damla Aktaş, Zeynep Yalman, Merve Yavuz and Ebru Gedik of Gazi University executed the workshop which started at 9 am at The Center for Social Projects of Çankaya Municipality at Öveçler, Ankara.

From 9 am to 10 am, the participants had a tour in the atelier to see how the disabled people could work on wood with tools and machines and what sorts of objects they could produce. Then, the participants made groups and started the workshop programme.

Çankaya Municipality supplied the working space, workshop materials, and the meals.

The projects were gradually completed after 4 pm. Industrial Designers’ Society of Turkey Treasurer Mustafa Hasdoğan coordinated the activity, and Filiz Özsuca contributed the first part of the workshop while ETMK Head of Ankara Branch Çağrı Şahin joined them in the second phase.

Vice-mayor Anıl Sevinç, who also joined the group, claimed that workshops of this kind should be done again, and municipality could support ETMK and the students in terms of working space, tools and machines, keeping the working area open 24 hours. Sevinç made a commitment about municipality’s will to collaborate with designers in selecting tools and products, and called for a prompt work plan.

Haluk Seyrek, Fatma Korkut and Mehtap Öztürk Şengül, the members of Çankaya Municipality-ETMK Collaboration Group joined the evaluation section at the end of the workshop.