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29th General Assembly of ICSID Held

Industrial Designers’ Society of Turkey is a member of ICSID. The 29th ICSID General Assembly took place between October 17th-18th, 2015 in Gwangju, South Korea. In the general assembly, radical decisions were made from changing the name of the institution to re-defining industrial design. ICSID changed its name to World Design Organization (WDO) and made several revisions on its regulations accordingly. The new regulations and revisions can be seen through the links below:




You can access the report of the executive board through the link below:



The councils of the professions of industrial design, graphic design and interior design, i.e. ICSID, ICOGRADA and IFI were united in International Design Alliance. IDA dissolved in 2013 due to financial and organizational problems. Soon after, ICOGRADA was renamed as ico-D (International Council of Design) and expanded the definition of design. The name and definition revisions approved in this year’s ICSID General Assembly Meeting are considered to result from such factors.


ICSID had previously started a movement called “Renew ID” to invite all members to contribute to the new definiton of industrial design online (http://www.renewid.com). According to the feedback, the following definition was announced at the general assembly and published online:


“Industrial design is a strategic problem-solving process applicable to products, systems, services and experiences which results in innovation,  business success and a better quality of life.  It is a trans-disciplinary profession that links innovation, technology, business, research and customers in harnessing creativity and visualization to resolve problems and create solutions, reframing problems as opportunities with the intent of making a better product, system, service, experience or business, and providing new value and competitive advantage. Industrial Design is aware of economic, social, environmental and ethical aspects of its outcome aimed at creating a better world.”



Also, Mexico City was announced as the 2018 World Design Captial and Mrs. Luisa Bocchietto, (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, Italy) was elected as the President Elect. The election results for the administrative board, in which Prof. Dr. Alpay Er was also a candidate, are as follows:


Mr. Shikuan Chen, Taiwan Design Center, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

Ms. Vivian Wai Kwan Cheng, Hong Kong Design Centre, Hong Kong SAR

Prof. Alpay Er, Ozyegin University, Turkey

Mr. Mario Gagnon, Association of Canadian Industrial Designers, Canada

Prof. Yongqi Lou, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, China

Ms. Eunjoo Maing, Korea Institute of Design Promotion, South Korea

Mr. Gilles Rougon, Ecole nationale superieure des Arts Decoratifs, France

Mr. Srini Srinivasan, LUMIUM Inc., United States

Dr. Makoto Watanabe, Chiba University, Japan


The new definition of industrial design profession with the emphasis on its social responsibility, its effects on business life and innovation, and which includes system, service and experience design will be a source for the related activities of our professional organization.